Warm Showers 2011

The gallery of Warm Showers travelers hosted in 2011.  Warm Showers is an international on-line community of bicycle tourists who share lodging with fellow tourists.  Since we live on the Adventure Cycling Pacific Coast Route and popular routes for tours of the Olympic Peninsula an Hood Canal, we have the opportunity to host bicycle tourists almost every week that we are home during the season, which lasts roughly from early May through late October.

Todd – Vancouver, BC – Imperial Beach, CA
Heather and Adam – Lacey, WA to San Juan Islands to Seattle

Stefaan and Mark: Vancouver, BC – Imperial Beach, CA
Ray – www.biketouringtips.com – Olympic tour, Washington/Oregon
Peter : Yukon to Tierra del Fuego
Laura and Gabi – Seattle to San Francisco
Rueben, Heidi, Eden, and Harper – Toronto to Cheyenne, Vancouver, BC to Panama City, Panama, Richmond to Toronto: one year, 8000 miles.