For Sale, 2002 Optimum Plus Gammill machine with 14 foot, manually adjustable height table and multiple accessories.  $7500 with purchaser pick-up in Shelton Washington.

Complete Gammill manual for trouble shooting.

DSCF1822Circle Lord attachment manual.

DSCF1821Multiple Gadget Girls manuals.

DSCF1820LEADERMATE  system for easy quilt mounting….multiple sets of zippered leaders.

DSCF1819Quilting designs for custom block quilting.

DSCF181830 inch throat on machine head and adjustable rollers for wrinkle free batting positioning.

DSCF18172 bobbin cases and multiple bobbins.


DSCF1815Control centre displays allow quilter to quilt from both front and back of machine.

DSCF1814Attached automatic bobbin winder for easy fill of multiple bobbins while quilting.

DSCF1813Laser attachment for easy pantograph quilting.


DSCF1811Multiple Gadget Girls rulers.

DSCF1810Rulers allow quilter to pattern quilting in sashiko style patterns without marking the quilt.

DSCF1809Instruction manuals for rulers.

DSCF1808More tools for specific designs that do not require marking quilt tops…

DSCF1807Rulers used for creating cross hatching in oval areas.  Clips to attach test pieces to rollers for “auditioning” specific quilting designs and thread colour options…without the necessity of removing the entire quilt top during the sampling process.

DSCF1806TOWA bobbin tensioning machine.

DSCF1805100s of needles in various sizes; timing machine and tool set for adjustments and machine maintenance.

DSCF1804Plates used for shell patterned quilting without marking the quilt.

DSCF18034 plates that work like Circle Lord…use the attachment on the machine to follow plate grooved pattern and place feathers and squares on specific blocks.

DSCF1802Circle Lord attachment makes perfect circles and elliptical designs such as flowers and planetary designs.

DSCF1801Large variety of 100 percent Signature threads.

DSCF1800Variety of pantograph patterns.


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  1. Linda Komberec says:

    Looking to buy a machine.

  2. Janice Hall says:

    do you still have this machine i live in Ontario, Oregon and i am very interested in this machiane thank you

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