Warm Showers 2015 — Fall Season

After our September travels, we once again activated our availability for the Warm Showers bicycle touring hospitality network.  We immediately got a series of late-season tourists taking advantage of the mild Fall weather in the Pacific Northwest, or willing to brave the rainy season to ride in cooler weather in late fall in southern California,  For some, the travel plan calls for touring over winter in Central America and reversing the seasons into the southern hemisphere to arrive at the tip of South America in late 2016 or early 2017.  For others, the plan is simply to ride after the tourist season, when traffic is lighter on the scenic routes.

So, the extended fall season, September 24 through November 21, brought us eight more guests, bringing the total to 112 since we started hosting in 2011, and 26 in the past year. Guests this year came from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Some were on short tours, From Vancouver or Seattle to Portland or San Francisco. Others were on the full Pacific Coast Tour, from Vancouver to Imperial Beach, and some were on extended tour from Alaska or British Columbia to Bolivia or Argentina. Some were seasoned Warm Showers members, for others, our house was their first Warm Showers encounter. Through the Warm Showers Facebook page, we became acquainted with a Warm Showers host in Aberdeen and met her for lunch on one of our trips to the coast. She is 75km away, so hosted several of our guests the following night if they were headed toward Astoria via the 6700-meter long Megler-Astoria Bridge, though most of her guests had ridden around the Olympic Peninsula, or had bypassed Shelton while we were on travel.

Barbara, from Germany
Lauren, a professional bike route planner from Colorado, on a short, fast tour from Vancouver to Portland.
Carole and Kate, professional bicycle ride planners from the U.K., on a west coast tour.
Montana and Logan, from southern California, on a late-season tour of the west coast they are calling “The Downpour Tour.”
Megan, from Wisconsin, and Gordon, from Scotland, on an epic tour from Alaska to the tip of Argentina, already nearly 4000 km into their 20,000 km tour. They left Alaska at the end of August, but were delayed on entering the U.S. due to Gordon’s visa issues and Megan having to build a new bike after having her original rig stolen in Bellingham. There was frost on the ground when we sent them off through Olympia to save time, as Megan had also had a bad tire cut, resulting in them arriving well after dark. We gave her our spare tire from our Santana. The tire change left them without a lot of daylight to try to get farther south before the fall storms get worse.