Come Fly With Me

“Come Fly With Me” 10×12 inches framed

Pieced silk and satin piece with porcelain  and metal dragon flies.  Fancy takes flight complete with flight pattern in beads and quilting.

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Aceso; Personification Of The Healing Process 5x6 inches

Aceso is number three in my small art quilt goddess series.  Because she is the Greek Goddess of Healing, I created Aceso as a gift for a friend undergoing chemotherapy.  According to lore, Aceso was more the patroness of the process of healing (both physical and mental) rather than the more conventional elimination of illness represented by her sister, Panaceia.  Aceso was made with a great deal of care and is surrounded by the cheerful colors of hope and encouragement that epitomize the support my friend deserves….


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Ancestral Memories

Ancestral Memories Art Quilt 7x8.5 inches

Second in a series of goddesses in small wall art and a work in progress.  I need to find a satisfactory binding technique for this series of small wall art quilts.  Traditional binding is, by definition, too large a format for finishing this size quilt…an interesting challenge….

Ancestral Memories

A small (1/8 inch) piece of fabric used in a method similar to traditional binding finishes the project.  I have started mounting these small pieces for stability on cloth covered stretcher boards…the finished effect is polished enough to complement the rest of the artwork.

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The Goddess Create. Pieced, quilted and beaded wall art sized 7x9 inches

First in a series of small art quilts dedicated to goddesses in general and crones in particular.  The term goddess is self explanatory and usually refers to a young woman at her “prime”.  Goddesses are prominent and admired in all stages of our history; but, I would like to think of each stage in a woman’s life cycle as “prime”.  A crone should not be discounted as she has much to offer as a mature woman who has gained wisdom and compassion with the aging process.  This series of art quilts will celebrate women as goddesses in all stages of the life cycle with emphasis on crones and their unique gifts.

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Toward Independence

Riding to support the MS fund raiser 2006

A reminder of the important things in life…riding, family, friends, riding, outdoor activities, creating art quilts, riding, camping season coming up, grandchildren, riding…

I have just finished two more client quilts…three left to go before I fulfill my commitment to quilt for other folks….independently scheduled free time just around the corner…

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Three For Three

Partially handwoven jacket complete with embellishment

When beading, one is never sure when the project is complete; but, I think this jacket is ready to wear…..

Olympia Weavers Guild booth at Association of Northwest Weavers Conference in Salem, Oregon 2011

The end project among it’s authentic Bog jacket companions at Weavers’ conference.  Our booth took first place for best interpretation of conference theme!  The jacket has been renamed “Way Beyond the Bog”

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Hand Sewing Always Required

Modern interpretation of an old favorite...A Bog Jacket, more or less

Time is getting short to provide a garment for the Olympia Weavers Guild booth at the ANWG (Association of Northwest Weavers Guild) conference the end of May.  The colors aren’t quite to spec, the garment isn’t entirely hand woven, and it doesn’t really resemble a bog jacket….three for three.  Hmmmm, might as well add beads and be entirely out of compliance!  What fun!


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Reclaiming My Creativity

Bog Jacket Fabric

Montage of specialty yarns and ribbons woven with clothing in mind...18 inches by 90 inches after blocking

I have been a fiber artist for many years.   For the last ten years, I have been dabbling in weaving, spinning and beading as well as running a successful machine quilting business.  While residing in Montana, my days were easily filled with all manner of fiber art because fiber was my primary source of employment.

When we moved back to Washington State in 2009, my days filled with other activities and my quilting business was left behind as well as a great deal of my beading and fiber art activities.   Recently, I have taken time to reassess the quality of my life and to realize that I would like to spend more of my leisure hours creating what pleases me.  Life is short and I would prefer spending the balance of my free time creating interesting texture.  To that end, I have warped most of my looms and started a small wall art series of beaded goddesses.

Cotton mixed twill, basket weave warp for clothing


I have planned a finished woven fabric measuring 14 inches by 4 yards.  The goal is a simple vest made exclusively of hand woven fabric.  We will see if I have lost my touch and require the addition of (recycled) commercial wool or cotton to complete the final garment.


Create...the first of many goddesses

I have commissioned friend and fine lamp work bead artist, Theresa Ostertag of One Woman Designs, to create a series of bead goddesses.   This first goddess will be known as “Create” and will, hopefully, be the first of many small art quilt expressions.

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