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Summer and Fall 2011 have been chaotic and creatively stagnant. We managed to sell the Montana house in August against all (slow market) odds and after 25 months on the market. Somehow, being relieved of an additional house payment convinced us that we were free to do more traveling and biking. Of course, true to our usual and customary mode of operations, we overdid both endeavors. Our car that was new with zero mileage in January, 2011, now has 35,000 miles on the odometer and a new set of tires. We don’t plan to leave home again until at least May…a happy turn of events for the spa pampered, but family neglected cat (she who runs the household…really).

I have been very fiber deprived the last few months. Fortunately, I did have some (on hand) inventory for the yearly Olympia Weavers Guild sale in December. As a result of a few sales there, I have a small amount of change in the business account to support supplies acquisitions…and lots of ideas for working toward the next sale in the Fall. There were such beautiful woven offerings that I decided I needed to resurrect the projects on those warped and waiting looms throughout the house.

In the interim, I have been playing with creating my own quilted fiber journal and date book covers. In addition to using left over warp end weaving and recycled wool, I have been making my own fabric by using that tried and true method of sandwiching loom waste yarns and ribbons between two water soluble stabilizers and quilting with specialty threads. So far, the end product has been used to make fabric covers for 2012 date books sized for carrying in purse or bag. They have been very popular with the quilt guild ladies, but I still have a few for gifts or sale and will start making journal covers after the New Year when calendars become immediately outdated.

Quilted fiber cover 4x7 inches

Quilted fiber cover 4x7 inches

Hand woven and fabric cover 5 1/2x7 1/2 inches

Hand quilted batik cover 5 1/2x 7 1/2 inches

The art quilt group to which Larye and I belong has sent out a New Years challenge for monthly projects. January’s project is to be categorized as “Still Life”. The participant may utilize any medium or size or subject desired. I think I will make a frame or background (small…no more than 12 inches square) that can be hung in the hallway and will highlight the projects I choose to complete throughout this next year. I plan to size each project so that it will become the featured center of the frame. There is no pressure to complete projects that don’t appeal, so it’s looking like a doable, fun and, perhaps, creative year with this group. Time will tell….

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