Aceso; Personification Of The Healing Process 5x6 inches

Aceso is number three in my small art quilt goddess series.  Because she is the Greek Goddess of Healing, I created Aceso as a gift for a friend undergoing chemotherapy.  According to lore, Aceso was more the patroness of the process of healing (both physical and mental) rather than the more conventional elimination of illness represented by her sister, Panaceia.  Aceso was made with a great deal of care and is surrounded by the cheerful colors of hope and encouragement that epitomize the support my friend deserves….


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One Response to Aceso

  1. Elizabeth Chilcote says:

    Hi, Judy,
    Just found your blog–saw Larye’s Facebook page which led to his blog and then to yours.

    Like your goddesses. Love the colors in your loom.

    Gotta friend looking to start spinning. Who taught you?

    All the best,

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