Reclaiming My Creativity

Bog Jacket Fabric

Montage of specialty yarns and ribbons woven with clothing in mind...18 inches by 90 inches after blocking

I have been a fiber artist for many years.   For the last ten years, I have been dabbling in weaving, spinning and beading as well as running a successful machine quilting business.  While residing in Montana, my days were easily filled with all manner of fiber art because fiber was my primary source of employment.

When we moved back to Washington State in 2009, my days filled with other activities and my quilting business was left behind as well as a great deal of my beading and fiber art activities.   Recently, I have taken time to reassess the quality of my life and to realize that I would like to spend more of my leisure hours creating what pleases me.  Life is short and I would prefer spending the balance of my free time creating interesting texture.  To that end, I have warped most of my looms and started a small wall art series of beaded goddesses.

Cotton mixed twill, basket weave warp for clothing


I have planned a finished woven fabric measuring 14 inches by 4 yards.  The goal is a simple vest made exclusively of hand woven fabric.  We will see if I have lost my touch and require the addition of (recycled) commercial wool or cotton to complete the final garment.


Create...the first of many goddesses

I have commissioned friend and fine lamp work bead artist, Theresa Ostertag of One Woman Designs, to create a series of bead goddesses.   This first goddess will be known as “Create” and will, hopefully, be the first of many small art quilt expressions.

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One Response to Reclaiming My Creativity

  1. C.S. says:

    I have been a quilting client of Judy’s for many years. The quality of her work is superb, not only in restoring of old quilts bringing them back to life but her newer themed creations. Having seen some of her beading work, she creates from the heart and I can clearly see that her new path will be successful. Thank you for all my beautiful quilts. C.S.

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